Join LCTA at the Chelan City Council meeting this Tuesday at 6 p.m. in support of the Community Planning Process led by the Trust for Public Lands.  (TPL)

Local TPL director, Peter Hill, will be presenting the scope of the Community Plan to the City Council and available to answer any questions.

Wenatchee followed a similar process several years ago for the foothills flanking their city to the west.  That plan has led to a series of major initiatives leading to more public access, more conservation, and a cooperative stance with development in appropriate areas.  

Here in Chelan, we have many treasured areas, most notably, the town-facing flanks of the Chelan Butte that lack a long-term plan uniting the elements of conservation, access, and development.  The community  project spearheaded by the Trust for Public Lands offers us -- the residents and place keepers of the valley -- an opportunity to craft such a plan.

Please join the LCTA board this Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers to express your support and enthusiasm for this planning process.